So what is a locksmith?


If you were asked what it is locksmiths do your immediate reply would probably be ‘they pick locks’. While this is certainly true, we do a great many things beside it.

In our minds we like to think of ourselves as a cross between a carpenter and a technician. From lock repairs to opening car locks to installing a new safe at your property – an able contractor should cover a great many skills and be a master of each. We must know how to open virtually every type or lock as well as cut every type of key. We must be able to operate in both homes and office buildings, as well as providing automotive services.We must be able to fabricate new keys by inspecting locks and replaced damaged door and window locks. The profession is an ancient one but today’s contractor must be familiar with both standard locks and keys as well as knowing their way around electronic systems.We should be able to use a both modern gadgets as well the time-old trusted tools of the trade. We should be able to install burglary bars as well as design and develop master key systems for offices and banks. The list goes on. . .

Becoming a qualified practitioner takes a good deal of time and is usually achieved through an apprenticeship. And as we’re talking about qualified help you can always get in touch with our team for any home or office job! Simply call 31591139

  • Tony Ong

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